Much like Alexa can be used to set reminders or make lists, the right VA can accomplish the work load faster and more efficiently. This clears your agents’ calendars and minds, letting them focus all of their attention on growing your book of business!

Let’s go over the hiring process Lava Automation goes through to find the optimal Virtual Assistant for your agency’s needs.  working with you to find the right fit for your needs. We’ve taken over 20 agencies through this hiring process!

We’re excited to take more and more agencies through this, as we’ve had a 100% success rate in placing VA’s into agencies.

Cyber Security – Basically, is your agency and its data protected with the right insurances. Things like Errors & Omissions Insurance and Data Protection Policies need to be in place before we’ll step in and automate your back-end marketing flow.  

Existing, Steady Stream of Leads – Agencies also MUST have their own, healthy sources of leads. If we’re going to build and maintain an incredible engine, you’ve got to have the gasoline ready!

Mindset Matters – The last thing we ask from agencies looking to hire a great VA is the attitude to WANT to automate and improve their work flows. If you lack trust, time, and ability to delegate, we won’t be the best fit to help your agency, simple as that.

When we fully understand an agency’s needs, we run job ads on social media and online job boards, collecting thousands of applications. Then applicants are filtered through the process of our recruiting CRM. This has them fill out our personality assessment, test them on key aspects such as communication and problem solving.

We ensure they’re timely and respectable workers BEFORE they even talk to any on our team or yours.  

How’s that for an automated, time-saving, dependable process?

With Personality Assessment Results, we can weed out another large chunk of applicants that won’t be the best fit for an agency.

Next, Lava’s HR Team lead reaches out to the remaining applicants ensuring they:

Can carry on a conversation with an American

Note, track, and deliver prospect information using the basics of Microsoft Services like Word and Excel.

Follow directions and be willing to learn

All of an agency’s customers want to hear a friendly voice they trust, like an Alexa, to make their lives just that much easier. Providing agencies with this service is part of our bread and butter.

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Now here’s where it gets really fulfilling for us at Lava Automation. We’re giving our VAs the opportunity of a lifetime! Jobs like the ones were lining them up with are not readily available to most in their home country of the Philippines. Because of that, they’re sometimes anxious during the interview process, but part of what Austin loves to do is put these applicants at ease and make sure they’re poised, ready to tackle the interview AND the job when they’re placed.

We’ve never had a problem with that, as we’ve placed a candidate in each and every one of the 20+ insurance agencies we’ve provided this service to.

The VAs we vet for this process are FULLY committed to providing the top experience, expertise, and service to insurance agents! We are prepared to be the best business decision you’ve made all year.

Once we have the candidates ready, we set up a phone call with the candidate, our Executive Team, and any one from the insurance agency that need to be a part of that interview.

What are we looking for during that interview?

The best traits that will separate the top VA’s from others are:

Asking questions about the job.

Going further than simply answering the questions we provide?

Comprehending beyond what we’ve told them and clarifying anything they don’t understand.

Experience that shows through in the interview

Being curious about the agency and the tasks they’ll be performing

Being young, eager, and having many applicable technological skills that can be molded to your agency and its needs.

Those are the people we believe make the best hires!

What’s Next?

Once Lava and your agency have made the best choice, we get them set up with the space and hardware needed in our office in the Philippines. We set them up with high-speed commercial internet (so there’s no downtime), a new computer, and anything else they need to effectively help your agency.

After that, it’s all about training them on your process. We suggest getting together on screen sharing sessions using Zoom or as soon and as often as possible.

A huge tip for your success here: Take your fingers off the keyboard!

You do the talking while the VA does the work.

This is what we mean by placing “Alexa’s on Steroids.” We all trust Alexa or Siri to set reminders, timers, and lists at home. This allows you to bring that same high-level functionality to your business processes and helps them provide value for your agency super fast! All without you lifting a finger…literally.

Another recommendation of ours is for every 8 hours it would take a local, American to do the work, screen share with your VA for 9 hours. This one hour of more repetitions of common tasks in INVALUABLE when it comes to your VA’s executing your processes flawlessly!

We feel awesome about this process and those we’ve hired. We’ve placed over 20 VAs in agencies!

Need proof this process is effective? NONE of the VA’s we’ve places have ever been let go.

In fact, the agencies we’ve worked with are asking “How do we get access to more VA’s and their time” This is great to hear as we have some agencies with up to 5 VA’s in their backend.

If your agency could benefit from automating processes, hiring low-cost yet mind-blowing support, and increasing business with an Alexa on Steroids, shoot us an email and let us know!

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