The dreaded email…

With your inbox full, new emails getting ignored on a daily basis, everyone asking for your email address to send you more promos with no personal touch… spam spam spam!

Obviously, some folks are better at email marketing than others, but it seems like the bad emails stand out more than the good ones.

Even important emails like your insurance renewal, seem to be forgotten as soon as they’re taken care of.

Another spam message hits the inbox and we forget all about how many vital emails we get on a regular basis.

When most people think of email marketing they get a pretty sour taste in their mouth, but no matter the stigma, email is still the most effective marketing medium ever in the history of man!

Television used to be the mecca of advertising. If you could get on TV it felt like you could reach the world! But now we live in a time of incredible possibility and have the unstoppable power of online advertising which is not only cheaper, but astonishingly more effective than television advertising! It’s at the point where every industry, including insurance agencies, needs to adapt or die in this new world of online marketing… …and the king of online marketing, without a doubt, is email! Using email has been shown to be up to 40 times more effective than using social media sources like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, with 59% of business to business marketers reporting email as their most effective channel in terms of revenue generation. This is great news for you as an insurance agent, because not only is email marketing still alive and well, but studies show that 92% of all internet users have at least one email address, which means even if your insurance customers aren’t on Facebook and YouTube, they still have an email address and you can still reach them! The trouble is, nobody wants to spend all day writing and sending emails, and you’ve got plenty of more important things to do than waste your whole day copying and pasting, or juggling 20 email conversations with new leads. The solutions we have at Lava Automation are cutting edge and turn the typical time consuming problems of an insurance agent into a thing of the past! Email is a great example of a powerful tool for your insurance agency that you may not have been able to get the most out of in the past, but with the tools we’ve created at Lava Automation you can rest assured your systems are optimized and you’re not missing out on any of your well earned business. Lava Automation will provide everything you need to automate your entire email funnel so you can capitalize on the true power of email marketing in your insurance agency! And email is just the tip of the iceberg! Practically everything we do as insurance agents can be automated, or done by a virtual assistant! When it comes to things like automating your email systems and working out all the bugs to make sure you’re not missing out on your most profitable channel, you don’t have to devote your own time to the learning curve and initial setup & maintenance of your automation programs. There’s no need to worry about getting it all figured out yourself when you can have your virtual assistant take care of all the hassle of setting up the systems you need, and also handling the few things that can’t or shouldn’t be automated. You’re virtual assistant can do everything you need done, all the things you normally are forced to do yourself, nearly everything for you except the tasks that require an insurance license. You can essentially have your virtual assistant do everything you don’t want to do, so you can focus on the important aspects of your business that you enjoy most!

As we move forward into a new era, it becomes clear that hiring a virtual assistant is a much better choice than hiring an employee for many reasons.

Finding an employee can be time consuming and costly, spending your own time finding and training someone instead of doing the things that actually benefit your insurance agency.

If you hire an employee you have to pay them for the time that they’re on the clock and while they’re slowly learning how to operate your systems, but when you hire one of Lava Automaton’s virtual assistants they are already fluent in the systems and processes you’re likely using, and you only pay them for the short bit of time they’re actually working, not wasting money paying them just to be there.

It creates less hassle, and cuts operating costs down to free you up and give you more time and more money!

It’s certainly a must when it comes to adapting to the times and adjusting to a new world full of new possibilities in your insurance agency.

Join us at to see the amazing creations that have put us on the cutting edge in the advancing world of digital marketing and open yourself up to new possibilities you may have only heard about or that you never even knew existed.

We provide the most advanced tools in the industry as well as training for all our systems, and we provide superior virtual assistants that can handle all the busy work for you.

Lava Automation is a dynamic solution to the everyday problems of insurance agents all around the country, and continues to push farther into the most up to date technology, tools, and systems to provide you and your insurance agency with the best experience possible and help you excell well beyond your most tenacious competitors.

Come see what all the fuss is about and learn how Lava Automation can revolutionize your insurance agency, and help you create the life you deserve that you’ve been working so hard to create yourself!

Stop sitting in the trenches and start pulling the strings!

Join us at Lava Automation today!


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