Selecting your new Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) for your insurance agency isn’t all that different from picking a new vehicle.

As you know, this isn’t a one size fits all situation.

There are 4X4’s, fuel-efficient models, those with all the bells and whistles, and those that are simply great commuters.

But when you get down to it, what’s the most important thing to consider when choosing your next vehicle?

For me, it’s performance, options, class, and efficiency.

Think of it this way. Most CRMs out there are like the Prius. It will get the job done and might seem like a very practical, money-saving decision. But when you want an epic ride ripe with sophistication, precision, high-end performance, and class, it’s not the best choice.

I’m a huge fan of what Tesla is doing, and honestly compare Infusionsoft’s CRM to one of their vehicles. Smart, focused, insanely efficient, and one of the coolest rides out there! You’re going to have many more options available, even ones you didn’t think of. This is thanks to the time, care, and passion that goes into creating an amazing experience. This is true whether you do business with Tesla or Lava Automation.

The Devil is in The Details

It’s far better to understand your needs and goals as an agency, doing due diligence, and finding the right software to match your needs. How long did it take you to research and make a decision on the last vehicle you bought? Honestly, you need to bring just as much time and effort to the table when choosing an insurance agency CRM.

That might sound a bit extreme, but think about it. You need to know the car you buy is going to perform the way you want, meets all the safety criteria, takes your family where you want to go, and reaches every destination you have in mind.

Shouldn’t the most important tool in your agency do the same?

Let’s Take a Look Under the Hood

Beyond just a coat of paint and a few cool accessories, you’ll want to make sure there’s plenty of power in the CRM your insurance agency chooses. Does it have the necessary features and scalability to make both immediate and sustained impact in your agency?

A few things to look at are

  • Phone Integrations, we’re not talking click to call, we’re talking dispositioning campaign automation, list dialing, lead notifications, form pops, etc…
  • Reporting flexibility, too often smaller platforms come with a flashy front end that can’t offer more than you see the first time you look at it. Sad.. What you really need in 6 months is rarely what you need on day 1. Having the ability to build custom reports is a must.
  • Campaign builder, having foundation big enough to allow for flexible marketing plans is a no brainer. What if some emails should come from the sales rep and others from the service rep, but only for agents who pay for the service?
  • A CRM’s company size is very important, startups can look attractive, but lack the depth to truly support development needs.

Remember Who You’re Dealing With

It physically pains me to see so many buyers getting wowed by things that simply don’t matter or won’t help them accomplish their goals.

Disclaimer: car salesman and CRM salesman are both salesmen while I’d like to think both have gotten more ethical over the years, the bottom line is it’s still their job to put you in the seat of their vehicle.

Let’s look at some of the most commonly used buzzwords and selling points.

  • “Scalable” – This means the software will grow with your agency, letting you access more features or not get “capped” on accessibility when you need it most.
  • “Deep Integrations’’ This is a very scary statement, it could mean ONLY 5 fields sync between the platforms they boast they’re integrated with OR that their integration is only 1 way.
  • “Native Integrations” – This means the agency CRM connects to other programs without the use of a middle man. If their list only has a handful, it gives you a great indication at how important other software companies see their product.
  • “Customizable” Other CRMs boast how customizable their platforms are, but they can’t process complex reports, or marketing decisions.
  • “Unlimited Support” – We hear it all the time, but do they even have a number to call, web chat, how about forums, and a massive library to search and solve on your own? Are they capable of processing 100s of requests per day?

Pull the Trigger

Once you’ve found the right insurance agency CRM, go for it! This is a critical piece of your agency, so when you find a good fit, don’t hesitate.

Then don’t hesitate to get in contact with Lava Automation to soup it up for maximum performance! Send an email to and we’ll chat! We’ve increased the capacity and output of hundreds of agencies’ technology, and would love to do the same for you.

As you’ve seen from this blog, you can choose a sleek looking car that lacks in performance or you can buy an incredible machine that dazzles at every turn. Working with Lava Automation is like taking a Tesla and making it so even a driver fresh with their learner permit can unleash all it has to offer!

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