It takes HOW MANY touches to close an insurance lead???

Quick question to all you insurance agents out there.

How many touches does it take to get the sale?

8, right?

Wellllll… Not from what we’ve seen.

Despite 8 being accepted as the holy grail in terms of the number of touches, our data shows it takes more touches than that. A LOT more actually.

Over the last 6 months, we’ve looked at over 4,000 leads. Across them, we saw it took 40 (FORTY) touches from lead to sale! Granted touches now consist of texts, voicemails, emails, and calls, but still. 40?!

Yes, my friend, 40. I know that seems staggering now, but automation makes this a completely different ball game. Instead of

Picking up your phone

Selecting a contact

Checking whether it’s time to text, email, or call them

Taking several minutes to complete that text, email, or call

You can set leads up in an automated system to take care of 75% of the 40 touches, making it easier to close an insurance lead. No thinking, no deciding, no doing. It sounds like the start of a dystopian movie, but really it’s the convenience of automation.

Why Automating will lead to more sales

There is SOMETHING to the whole “It takes 8 touches from lead to sale” myth.

80% of sales do happen AFTER 8 touches. The majority of prospect CONTACT starts after that 8th touch. That’s because you’ve finally had the chance to collect information and schedule a call or two with your prospect. You’re just now getting the juices flowing so a buying decision can occur.

Now the question becomes how do you get those 8 touches made as effectively and efficiently as possible?

If you can reach prospects via text, email, voicemail, or call, you’ll really only have to complete the call. That’s the only thing automation CAN’T do…at least not yet. When that time comes, we’ll be the first to show you how. Until then, you need an automated system in place so your time isn’t wasted doing things you don’t need to!  

Wanna know some more touch-based facts? Of course, you do!

We’ve seen that it takes roughly 25 Touches to just get to Quote Sent. Think of that! Unless you complete 25 touches and do it quickly, you won’t even get the chance to show a prospect what you can do for them.

Sad day…

Even with a humble close rate, our insurance agency-owning clients are bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

A few more numbers for you to chew on.

Much of our clients’ competition doesn’t even have email, text, or voicemail. They’re making 13 Million dials and seeing the sale close after 25 CALLS

Our clients make significantly fewer calls, but here’s the rub. With automation, we’re seeing sales close in less than 12 outbound calls. HALF as many calls per sale AND we’re seeing contact with a prospect in an average of 2.6 calls!

When time is of the essence, you need to win as much of it back with automation as you can.

How You Can Achieve 40 Touches FAST

LAVA can build, scale and improve an automated system for your leads to interact with. Communication begins when a prospect comes through your lead source. Whether it’s paid traffic or some other lead generation, once the leads are collected, it’s time to put them in your CRM and let the automation do the rest.

The best part? You and your sales team can focus on closing insurance leads and other income-generating activities year-round. As the system handles the minutiae of the communication process, your team gets a notification to reach out to the hottest customers the moment they’re ready. You’re not spending time “working the leads” You’re spending time CLOSING the leads.

If you’re ready to have LAVA automate over 60% of your lead-to-sale communication, shoot us an email at Let’s get cooking!

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