Being an insurance agent can feel like you’re in a NASCAR race.

There are tons of competitors on the same track as you are gunning for that checkered flag.

Do you want to be the best, most efficient agency you can be?

You’ll need:

The right engine built,

The right mindset to see yourself winning deals over and over

And the right pit crew.

That’s where Lava Automation comes in. We not only build intricate, powerful, and easy-to-use systems, we also provide you with the best in class pit crew.

What Creates Consistent Wins?

There are many moving parts and people when creating the best pit crew. For instance, in NASCAR, there can be up to 11 pit crew members! These members work together, keeping a constant eye on how the car and driver are performing and what adjustments need to be made to ensure victory.

Our pit crew is made up of our content editor, 2 lead developers, 3 assistant developers, and several other virtual assistants who ensure the machine is always running smoothly.

Think about a pit crew for a second. What are some of the things they do?

They keep the race car filled with the right fluids that work together, leading to peak performance. Our crew looks for the specifics that will most efficiently bring your agency to victory lane. This can include

Rapidly updating campaigns, adjusting the timing and frequency of content. Your ads never get stale and you’re constantly bringing in the best leads

Adding and removing users within the workflows. You want the best team possible to handle all the tasks involved in growing your agency. One that’s agile and intelligent that can keep leads, policies, and information organized and easy to access!

Integrating 3rd-party applications into the list of software utilized in your campaigns. We don’t expect you to know what the software does and which one is best for your unique needs. Just know we take a consultative approach to see which tech is best for your situation and optimize the heck out of it!

Lightning Fast Upgrades

Have you ever seen the way pit crews will change the tires and fill the car with gas every few laps? Doing this improves the capability and handling of the car. The software used in automation is much the same, requiring a close eye, routine maintenance, and updates to keep the wheels turning! As campaigns evolve we circle back and provide new components to help with conversions that we see trending. We’re in and out FAST, too. You won’t wait for days for updates to be made. If you wait that long, you’ve already lost.

Let’s keep your agency on track, consistently reaching new levels!

The top pit crews do this work speedily and behind the scenes. We’re not here to get all of the glory when your insurance agency drastically increases its production. We’re here to keep the high-performance vehicle that it is on the track to leave your competition staring at your tail lights!

We’re proving that with dependability, knowledge, and adaptability we can dramatically increase the efficiency and value of the agencies we work with.

The Time Is Now

Would you like to become one of the champions of the insurance track?

Send an email to and secure your spot

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