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It’s for these reasons and more we’re absolutely stoked about Virtual Assistants!

The power and sustainability delivered by our VA’s alone has afforded our business opportunities few can dream of, but virtually (pun intended) any business owner can attain. We plan to cover the steps we use to vet and get the best Virtual Assistants in a future article. Right now we want to share some of the things we’ve loved most about working with Virtual Assistants.

Virtual Assistants can handle a ridiculous amount of duties and tasks for a business or entrepreneur. Anything from website updates to scheduling phone calls can be accomplished by a Virtual Assistant. Keep in mind this person isn’t a “Catch All.” It’s a smarter idea to look at your VA’s as a highly-skilled and highly-specialized workforce, much like you would a local worker. That person has worked their tail off to get to the point he or she is at now, so we encourage you to act accordingly. There are some pretty significant differences and benefits to working with VA’s, so let’s dive right in!

  1. One of the first things that stood out to us when we started working with Virtual Assistants was their passion. Most of them (the top ones, at least) aren’t your typical “Fiverr” hire or college student looking to earn some quick cash. They’re mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, involved members of their community looking to build an amazing career. They enjoy serving others with a high level of effort, communication, and accuracy. We’ve found that giving a VA an opportunity at creating a career around their passion gives them all the motivation they need and then some! We’re never worried that our remote workers aren’t getting their work done.
  2. Another glorious benefit VA’s afford you is the ability to double or triple your workforce, letting you do much more work with different teams, instead of just the one you have access to locally. We have VA’s in the Philippines that work during the same hours we do. This allows us to ensure questions are answered right away, instead of waiting until the next morning. We love how efficient and hyper-focused this makes our communications and operations!
  3. We’ve also come to enjoy the fact that delegation gives everyone a sense of pride and independence. How do you feel when someone is constantly looking over your shoulder, micro-managing, even nitpicking everything you do? Gets pretty frustrating and discouraging doesn’t it? A lot of people make this mistake with VA’s. They think that, for whatever reason, they need to give every last detail and stress over minute things when handing projects to their Virtual Assistants. I tell a lot of people who are working with VA’s for the first time, especially during the training process “Just take your hands off the keyboard! Let them do the work while you supervise.” Don’t forget, these people are trained professionals with extremely impressive cognitive abilities. In other words, they figure out anything we throw at them! VA’s can start handling some tasks their first day and are fully trained within 90 days (sometimes faster!) Once they hit that stage, watch the magic happen!
  4. Lastly for today (trust us there’s a LOT more to be said about these incredible individuals) is that we can build some crazy ass stuff! With the internet and workers who live and breathe technology, Lava Automation has built out some insanely cool marketing automation tools. We’ll dive into the details in another blog, but having talented people from all over who see things differently and bring their unique perspective and skills to projects has allowed us to find efficiencies, more than duplicate efforts, create post-lead marketing funnels that run on auto-pilot, and do the manual work so our clients can focus on meeting new customers and taking care of any issues they’re uniquely qualified to handle. Many of these include those Income Generating Activities that other businesses just can’t seem to find the time for…

You can see we get a ton of value professionally, economically, and personally from our relationships with our Virtual Assistants. This is just us hoping to jolt other business owners into thinking of the possibilities available with VAs!

Let us know if you have questions about working with Virtual Assistants. We’re more than happy to show you the power and principles behind seeking, hiring, and managing your virtual team from wherever you want to be!

And watch out for Part 2 of our love fest for Virtual Assistants where we’ll talk about the cost-saving, automating, service-providing, business-producing super powers having a VA will bring to you and your business!

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