Nobody said running an insurance agency would be easy.

I’ll also bet nobody told you that you get to pick your “hard.” This is something that’ll change the game. Once you understand that you get to pick when the hardships show up gives you an incredible edge.

We help insurance agencies by building Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems, ensuring email deliverability, and connecting phone systems.

If the mere mention of these tools and practices gives you anxiety, you’re not alone!

I won’t beat around the bush, these things are hard. Hard to build. Hard to implement. And hard to maintain.

BUT if you choose to do the hard things NOW, you’ll find growing your insurance agency EASY down the road.  

Let’s take a closer look at each of those challenges we mentioned earlier. I want you to see what makes it hard now or hard later.

Building a CRM

It’s one thing to put a few contacts into a CRM. It’s quite another to build out a fully

functional tool for your business. After building out CRMs for agencies of all sizes, we’ve noticed that they’re often overlooked. It might be because people simply don’t know the true power of a CRM.

We use Keap for every CRM build we complete. Why? Because it’s robust and powerful! There are over 600 employees that support the tech and the next competitor has 25 staff. There’s literally nothing we can’t accomplish with this incredible tool. Don’t think so, email us at and ask.

At the beginning of building your CRM, it’s EASY to put it off or do the bare minimum. The only bad part is that doing so makes it HARD to scale effectively.

Likewise, it’s HARD to put in the effort to flesh out the system, but it’s EASY to scale later on.

For us, the decision is a simple one. Which route would you take?

Ensuring Email Deliverability

Do you find your emails going to the spam folder? There’s a good chance your email settings and processes aren’t up to par.

There’s a lot more to it than loading emails into a system and pressing the send button. You need to make sure your backend settings are dialed in so the various email services like Gmail, Outlook, and the rest recognize your email as non malicious. We’re pros at DKIM, DMARC, and SPF. If that sounds like latin to you then let us help translate.

Once you have that not-so-small feat accomplished, you actually have to go about building your email campaigns. Now, we come from the insurance world, so we know what emails to send, at what time, in what order. Our open rates are typically two to three times higher than industry standard!

Once emails are going out, you must continuously prune your list. You see, the email services don’t like to see your emails staying unopened. If people don’t interact with your content, you shouldn’t be sending it to them. We can help keep your list up to date so only those who are interested in doing business with you see them. It’s all about making sure email services trust your brand’s content!

It’s EASY to overlook email, but it’s HARD to communicate with hundreds, even thousands of leads effectively without it.

Is it HARD to set up your email correctly? It can be, but it sure makes it EASY to get prospects through the pipeline.

Once again, a pretty simple decision when you think about it.

Connecting a Phone System

We take it one step further and give you a dynamic phone system. It makes it EASY to call prospect after prospect as the numbers are loaded and you simply have to make a  few clicks. This system will even record your calls.

Want even better news? This phone system ties into your CRM and includes several different stages of the customer journey. This allows you to start a prospect down the right path of email, text, and phone conversation within one screen. Honestly it’s HARD not to be more productive with a phone system that we provide.

It’s EASY to dial the way you always have, but that sure does make it HARD to be efficient.

As an agency owner, you’ve got enough HARD stuff to deal with. Partner with a team that makes it EASY by emailing

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