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We offer virtual solutions for modern business. Regardless of the current size of your business or your wildest future ambitions, we can provide the perfect team members to help you scale, reduce your workload, or put your business on autopilot.

Insurance Agency Virtual Assistants make hiring an employee seem old fashioned. Hiring and training an employee can be time consuming and costly, but hiring a virtual assistant provided by Lava Automation is easy and has been proven to bring more money into insurance agencies all around the country.

The idea of hiring a virtual assistant might be totally new to you, so to give you a better understanding of why so many insurance agents are choosing virtual assistants over traditional employees, we’ll go over five ways a virtual assistant can help.

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We help companies like you.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is easy

Hiring A VA is advantageous for your company


Save More Time

If you're like more Agents you're wearing 50 hats and your staff should be focusing on their KPIs, which means there are a ton of tasks that get left undone each day can't afford to get done.

Reduce Operation Cost

Do more without paying more. Starting at $11/hr, you can afford to hire a handful to grow your agency and fill in the gaps that have been neglected for years.

Increase Efficiency

Having VAs fill the gaps in your processes means that you can actually speed up your internal sales engine. Agents can double their quoting capacity with a VA helping them.

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