Time is money. Time is freedom. Time is a lot of things. You can’t MAKE more time, but you can leverage the time of others by hiring a Virtual Assistant.

Why spend highly valuable time doing anything you’re not uniquely qualified to do?

We see too many insurance agency owners doing small tasks that don’t move the needle. What’s worse is these tasks could easily be delegated to a virtual assistant. What’s great about VAs is that they’re often better suited for the tasks below AND they can be hired for an insanely affordable rate!

Win back your time and grow your agency by having a Virtual Assistant take over a few or all of the tasks below.

Receptionist duties – Things like answering calls, leaving voicemails, and checking messages can all be done by a VA. You may have office staff already managing these tasks, but as you look to scale, VAs can play a powerful role in expanding quickly.
Database building, entry, and updates (sales, contacts, CRM, etc.) – The manual input of data can take multiple hours every week. How many hours are you or your staff losing every year by taking this on?
Creating, filing, and presenting weekly reports on sales, deliverables, hours, and tasks – Knowing where your numbers are at every week is crucial. Having this information delivered to you on time for a low cost is magic.
Checking email, responding to customer inquiries, and managing spam – Train your Virtual Assistant to find the right answers and they’ll be absolute customer service machines! Having them keep your lines of communication clean is an added perk.
Creating and sending marketing content such as newsletters and thank you notes – Business is built on relationships. Employ a VA to ensure those relationships are as strong as can be. Delivering timely notes and thoughts that aren’t just related to business makes you look like a frickin’ superhero to your customers!
Establishing, updating, and managing a calendar of important events – Never miss another critical appointment or meeting because you simply forgot to write it down.
Appointment Setting – Whether they’re acting as the gatekeeper for inbound calls or the prospector with outbound calls a virtual assistant can keep your calendar full with the right appointments.
Composing documents from scans, faxes, and dictations. (Taking phone call notes) – “No need to write that point my colleague made, I’ll remember it.” Famous last words…Having a VA take and prepare meeting notes will help you remember everything that was said during a call or meeting.
Composing press releases and newsletters and submitting to news release directories – Nowadays, you can BE the news station, pumping out great information about what your insurance agency is up to. Have a VA help you create your own press and positive word of mouth.
Designing brochures and creating content to put inside – Need touchpoints to hand out at a booth or networking event? Have them brilliantly and cost-effectively put together by a VA.
Interviewing previous customers to compose case studies – Showcasing how you’ve helped other clients is a powerful form of marketing. Have your VA interview customers and create stories about how you’ve made a difference.
Observing the company’s competitors on social media by looking at rankings, online visibility, and keyword prioritization – In today’s world, for better or worse, it’s often not about being the best. If you’re the best known it can make all the difference in attracting new clients.
Ensuring the agency has a mobile social media strategy for full optimization – Have a VA set up a social media calendar filled with posts, memes, and other viral materials.
Updating all social media accounts on a regular basis – Quick hits and helpful tips make sure you’re being seen and providing valuable social media content.
Run a social media contest or challenge – It’s all about engagement! Giving away a gift card for every 100 likes or being entered into a drawing for sharing a post is a great way to get eyeballs on your page.
Placing ads on career websites, reviewing resumes, and contacting the right candidates – This can be very time consuming and cause headaches as you sort the wheat from the chaff. Why not have a VA complete the process and send you only the most qualified candidates for an interview?
Training employees, virtual staff members, or freelancers – Having a VA onboard new team members saves time and money. While they’re growing the people, you can grow the business.
Searching for hotels, booking airfares, and mapping out trip itineraries for business – Got somewhere to go? Don’t waste your time finding and booking flights, hotels, and site-seeing adventures. Have a VA do this work for you so all you have to do is show up, perform, and enjoy.
Sending a digital gift card or thank you note to your clients on holidays and anniversaries – Remembering these big dates of your clients goes a long way in standing out in your mind. Use a VA to make sure things are delivered on time, without even thinking about it.
PDF Conversion, Splitting and Merging – PDFs can be a pain to navigate, but given how much important information is carried and shared on them, they’re an essential part of doing business. You can have a VA make sure you get everything you need without spending hours splicing documents together.
Document Template Creation – Do you find yourself creating the same type of document over and over? Let a VA create a template so you can grab it and go. This will save you tons of time when working with similar documents!
Blog writing – This blog? Written by one of our own VAs! Blogging is an excellent way to show your expertise in a longer format. It also drives traffic to your website and helps make your website more “findable” on search engines like Google.
Blog Publishing Management – Once a blog is written, you might as well have the VA publish it on your website. Two birds, one VA!
Editing Follow-up Emails and Auto-responders – Once They’re done quoting the prospective client, they should prepare the email that sends that quote. All you have to do is show up, look everything over, and hit send.
Website Development – Where does the code go? How do the colors and images make for a great user experience? Your VA will know!

Stay tuned for more ways to use a VA. Remember, you’re not limited to just what you see here! Get creative with what projects you have your Virtual Assistant help you with.

Need to brainstorm some ideas with us? Send an email to info@lavaautomation.com and we’ll chat!

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