Insurance Agency Managers, sing it with me, “Wise men say, only fools rush in. But I can’t help falling in love with you.”

Great attitude if you’re falling for your latest crush.

Absolutely trash attitude if you want to select the right software to scale your insurance agency with.

I’m not hating on The King, but I do know if he took this approach to making the decisions to lead his agency, he’d be more than All Shook Up.

Don’t be one of those fools that sees one demo and rushes into a long-term relationship with any software vendor. The second you do, that’s when you’ll start to see all the things wrong with that solution. False promises of future development coming soon and lots of buzz words like “deep integrations” when what they really offer is limitations, lack of customization, and years of wasted time with a CRM you’ll inevitably leave.

Elvis Presley would not have been a good Insurance Agency Manager

We’ve All Been There

Marketing has never been more accurate and persuasive.

The amount of information out there combined with marketer’s obsession to be more and more efficient, it’s no wonder a software platform seems like they’re speaking directly to you.

In this hyper-marketed world, you have to stay vigilant! Don’t just think because a marketer can speak effectively to your pain points that the software behind that marketing is going to solve all of your problems. Marketing is the flash before the substance (or lack thereof).

To make great software purchasing decisions, I want you to approach the process the same way you would dating with the goal of marriage.

It Starts with a Look…And That’s IT!

You look up from your drink and lock eyes with that good looking stranger from across the bar.

You walk over and introduce yourself. They offer to buy you a drink.

You marry them.

Wait! What??

Of course that’s not how it goes.

Any sane person knows it takes several more encounters to know if that person isn’t a psychopath who’s going to control you for the next year or two.


Why let that happen when it comes to buying software?

There’s often the same or even larger degree of risk in the latter situation.

Choosing the wrong software can lead to lost time, frustration, and even turnover as you and your staff become increasingly stressed. This happens as you try to force the wrong fit into your day-to-day processes.

Here are some ways to compare different software options.

Don’t fall in love after the first or second demo.

Date around to see your options and find what you like.

Make pro and con lists of each vendor and potential partner.

Ask what the current client pain points are

Be intentional about finding the limitations

Ask yourself does it give you room to grow

Do everything under your power to make sure you know as much as you need before signing up with a piece of software that’s the wrong fit!

How’d You Hire Your Team?

The same vetting process (or an ever stricter one) should be used in deciding which software platforms you’re going to use in your agency.

Here’s why.

Your team is super important to the success of your agency.


And even the most talented employees can’t make magic happen without the right tools.

Giving the smartest, most ambitious agents and office employees poor tools is about as useful as pouring sugar in the gas tank of your car.

Know Before You Go

As I’ve said earlier, it can be difficult to know what’s right for you. But that’s no excuse to rush into a long-term relationship that will cause pain and frustration

For the sake of your staff and any other partners you bring on, please, please make sure the software you choose is the absolute best fit for your needs.

Need help in deciding what software companies and products will work best for your unique situation? Shoot us an email to set up your complimentary Agency Audit. We’ll learn what your goals are, how you currently operate, and what can be done to close the gap! We’re not here to hard close you and if we think you won’t be a fit for our agency we’ll be the first to tell you. Heck we’ll even make recommendations about where you should go.

Send an email to and we’ll chat!

Happy Automatin’

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