The questions I get often are what’s the best way to approach automations, what CRM should we be using, and what problems are we not foreseeing? While it might seem obvious that there isn’t a one size fits all answer, I think there are best practices we can all follow.              Depending on your available time and resources. Whether you’re a newer agency, a seasoned agency, or growing to a franchise size model, there is a need to be gracefully running towards automations in today’s world.

            A scratch or newer agency might seem like they’re in a bad position to jump into the deep end and take on learning automations and some extra software costs, while trying to establish their agency. They might not be able to justify a more robust software tech stack, but then suffer from having to switch platforms and retrain in a few years. They need software that can grow with their agency and its hard to find solutions that scale, while simultaneously not sucking up all their time learning how to use said software.

         A fully developed agency is often in the best position to add automation to their processes, because they have customer interactions firing at all points, and the funds available to take some risk, but at the same time stand to suffer the most from changing up their normal day to day activities. Your processes are well documented and dialed in and each of the staff knows their roles and how to execute. Its that belief that holds these agencies back from taking the leap forward, the fear of the unknown.

         The question they should be asking themselves is

what is the cost of not getting into the game?

They already have hundreds if not thousands of daily customer interactions they could be tracking and making predictive models off of.

         The Master Agency or Cluster is in the most trouble if they don’t adapt, immerse, implement, and funnel their knowledge downwards.

         Just imagine a weekend get away with all of your business partners at your company’s beach house in a small beach town. After a fun day of activities, everyone settles in for the evening. That night an earthquake hits and a tsunami is quickly approaching your location. Worse off the road over the hill is 15 miles away. The waves will be at your doorsteps soon, but you didn’t install the tsunami warning sirens, all you can do now is scramble and pray. The same is true about your company if you don’t get a CRM that’s is tracking customer trends, you won’t be able to start making predictions about behavior the way that megalithic corporations are. Inversely a Master Agency that has its campaigns dialed in, tracking customer interactions vs staff deployment and running analysis on the effort to achieve ROIs can be in front of rising tides. It’s the master agency that should be leading the charge up the hill when the earthquake hits, so to speak with their partners in tow because they saw the warning signs.

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